WordPress Theme Designer Course
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Inside “How to Design, Develop, & Sell Premium WordPress Themes", you will learn everything from start to finish.

We'll begin with the initial preparation and research required to create a great first WordPress Theme.  We'll also discuss how to  layout a design that is perfect for your specific niche market, and follow through with two separate creation and development strategies. Finally we'll conclude with techniques that will help you market your themes profitably!

This course is taught in a step-by-step sequential manner - simply watch over my shoulder and follow me.  In addition to the main video course you will also receive some supplemental materials to help you along the way, including...

  1. Video Transcripts
  2. Audio Version Of The Course
  3. Downloadable PowerPoint Presentation
  4. Extra "Mock-Up" Design Images

SHOULD YOU TAKE THIS COURSE?  The answer is yes if...

1.If you can’t find the perfect theme for your business and want to make it yourself without learning code!

2.If you want to build a premium WordPress theme to sell!

We’ll show you how to make amazing looking / premium WordPress themes with control panels to sell for big profits and to use for your own projects!


 More About Us...

Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson Are The Founders Of Empoweria (and also the CEOs of MemberSpeed Inc. and PowerHouse Technology LLC)

But when you take our Udemy Courses YOU GET their expertise PLUS...  The Entire Empoweria Team !

When you take this or any other Empoweria Course you have access to a huge wealth of professionals, ready and willing to serve you by answering your questions, and helping you succeed!

You'll have access to information from some of the most accomplished professionals in Webmastering, Graphic Design, Marketing, and Copywriting!

What World Class Marketers Say:

"Simon & Jeremy are two of the sharpest minds in Internet Marketing, they get better conversion rates and earn more money per click (and per customer) than anyone else!"  Soren Jordansen

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You’re in good hands with Simon & Jeremy and what they have to teach you: 

They have sold over $10,000,000 in informational courses, software & memberships and have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the globe in over 20 countries improve their online businesses...

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